Compliance Testing

Certified all over California, Valley Petroleum & Lift Inc. offers all aspects of regulatory compliance testing for a variety of Fuel Dispensing Facilities. With State Wide Contracts, Valley Petroleum & Lift Inc. has mastered organizational methods to keep your site in compliance and in perfect working order.


What we offer:

  • Monthly Certified Designated Operator Inspections
  • SPCC Inspection & Testing
  • Vapor Recovery/Air Pollution Control Testing
  • Above Ground Storage Tank Testing
  • Underground Storage Tank Testing-Secondary Containment (SB989) & Annual Monitoring Certification
  • Mechanical & Electronic Line Leak Detector Testing
  • Spill Box Testing
  • Helium Pin-Point Testing
  • Facility Pre-Testing/Start Up Testing
  • Permitting & Agency Coordination/Scheduling and Result Submission
  • Testing Date Tracking
  • Testing Failure Repairs

As part of service our system is always up to date for your record keeping requirements. Please contact the Testing Coordinator to see how we can assist you with keeping your testing and records in line with regulatory requirements and avoid any penalties. Please email us today at and someone will answer all of your questions!